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Gail Wilson Lew, ASHA Certified Fluency Specialist

Speech-Language Pathology and Therapy

Advocating for People Who Stutter and Their Families - Educating and Preparing Practioners in the area of Speech-Language Pathology

Based in Southern California,with a practice in the city of San Marino, with many years of experience in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, and is also a long term faculty member teaching in the department for Communication Disorders and Sciences at CSUN in Northridge, California.

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Some Answers To Questions:

q: When does stuttering occur in children

Usually between 2 to 5 years of age, and about 1% of children world wide are stuttering at any given time. About 5% of children have stuttered some time in their lives. About 75% of children who stutter will recover without any treatment.    (Yairi and Ambrose, 1999)

q: is stuttering inherited

Most likely - research suggest that it is. The estimated is 30% to 60% of People Who Stutter (PWS) have a relative who stutters.    (Yairi, 1996)

Q: If most children recover without intervention, should they be evaluated

Yes - The child might be one of the 25% that may not grow out of it and a specialist has the experience to evaluate if this may be so - or not.

q: Can speech therapy improve activity in the brain

Yes -studies suggest People Who Stutter show increased left hemisphere brain activity during speech after treatment.

q: Do more boys stutter than girls

Yes - more boys stutter than girls by a ratio of 3:1, by First Grade, and by the Fifth Grade, the ratio of boys to girls is 5:1    (Bloodstein, 1995)

Q: Are children / adults who stutter have more nervousness than the average person

No - stutterers are not more anxious or nervous than people who do not stutter. There is no set personality type of a Person Who Stutters. However, it has been found that some stutterers are more sensitive in their nature.


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